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Rebecca L. Phillips

Phillips, Rebecca L.
20 AUG 1841 N.C.
Death: 29 MAY 1873 Jackson Co., N.C.
Gender: Female

       Father: Phillips, William 
       Mother: Parker, Nancy

                 Grandfather: Parker, Solomon (Brother of John R. Parker)
                 Grandmother: Massengale, Elizabeth



Johnson, A. W. "Ace"

Birth: ABT 1837
Gender: Male

Served in the 62nd North Carolina Regiment, otherwise, little is known about A.W. Johnson.


Notes: Rebecca's aunt, Nancy Phillips (Phillips, Nancy ), married John R. Parker (Parker, John R.), John R. Parker is the brother of Solomon Parker. Meanwhile, another aunt, Rachel Phillips (Phillips, Rachel ), married John R. Parker's son (her cousin), Pleasant M. Parker (Parker, Pleasant M.).

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